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Small XCMG Truck Cranes Are Of Good Quality And Affordable Price, Sourced From China
  • Small XCMG Truck Cranes Are Of Good Quality And Affordable Price, Sourced From China
  • Small XCMG Truck Cranes Are Of Good Quality And Affordable Price, Sourced From China
  • Small XCMG Truck Cranes Are Of Good Quality And Affordable Price, Sourced From China

Small XCMG Truck Cranes Are Of Good Quality And Affordable Price, Sourced From China

Place of Origin China
Brand Name XCMG
Model Number SQ10SK3Q
Product Details
Quality Service:
24-hour Online
Scope Of Application:
Highways, Bridges, Buildings
Used Truck Cranes
Reliable Quality
High Light: 

good quality Small XCMG truck cranes


Small XCMG Truck Cranes

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit
Packaging Details
1. Flat rack is better for bigger construction equipmennt and no need to dismantle. 2.Container is cheapest and fast. 3.Bulk cargo ship is better for bigger construction equipment. 4. Ro-Ro ship is faster and good for every kinds machine
Delivery Time
7-20 work days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
3000 units per year
Product Description

     Small XCMG truck cranes are of good quality and affordable price, sourced from China

Product Description:

XCMG small car crane is a widely used equipment in the engineering field, with many significant characteristics and advantages.
Firstly, based on user feedback, the chassis of XCMG's small truck crane is very stable, of good quality, and maintenance is also very simple. Its hydraulic system is excellent, with good accessories and strong counterweight capacity, and there is generally no problem lifting objects. Meanwhile, many users have expressed that XCMG truck cranes have stable performance and easy operation during use, which can meet various construction needs.
Secondly, XCMG's after-sales service for automotive cranes has also received high praise from users. Users believe that XCMG's service team is professional and responsible, able to solve various problems for users.
In addition, XCMG small car cranes also have high recognition in the market, and many brands offer products of this specification, such as Dongfeng, XCMG, Jiefang, etc., providing users with diverse choices.
It should be noted that the specific technical parameters, prices, configurations, and other information of XCMG small truck cranes may vary due to factors such as model, manufacturer, and market demand. Therefore, if you have a purchasing demand for XCMG small truck cranes, we suggest that you directly contact us to obtain the most accurate and detailed information.
In summary, XCMG's 3-ton truck crane has a wide range of applications and a good reputation in the engineering field due to its stable quality, excellent performance, and professional after-sales service.


XCMG SQ10SK3Q on-board crane is a powerful and high-performance lifting equipment. Here is a detailed introduction about this crane:
Firstly, the XCMG SQ10SK3Q on-board crane has strong lifting capacity. Its maximum lifting mass reaches 10000kg and the maximum lifting torque is 25T M. This enables it to easily handle lifting operations of various heavy objects. Whether in construction sites, mines, or other engineering fields, XCMG SQ10SK3Q can demonstrate its strong lifting capabilities.
Secondly, this crane has a flexible and versatile working state. It can achieve various operations such as lifting, rotating, and extending, adapting to different work needs. Whether requiring high-altitude operations or ground operations, XCMG SQ10SK3Q can easily respond and provide efficient and stable lifting services.
In addition, the XCMG SQ10SK3Q on-board crane also adopts advanced hydraulic systems. The system has the characteristics of fast response and high-speed operation, which can ensure the efficient completion of lifting operations. At the same time, the stability and reliability of the hydraulic system are fully guaranteed, reducing the failure rate and maintenance costs.
In terms of safety, XCMG SQ10SK3Q also performs well. It is equipped with various safety devices, such as overload protection, anti tipping protection, etc., to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment during lifting operations.
Finally, the operation and maintenance of the XCMG SQ10SK3Q on-board crane are also very simple. It adopts a user-friendly design, making it easy for operators to get started. At the same time, the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment is relatively simple, which reduces the cost of use.
In summary, the XCMG SQ10SK3Q on-board crane has become an excellent lifting equipment in the engineering field due to its powerful lifting capacity, flexible and variable working conditions, advanced hydraulic system, and excellent safety. For both construction units and individual users, it is a worthwhile choice to consider.

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Model Truck Cranes
Brand XCMG
Deadweight 3765(kg)
Rotation angle 360°
Fuel tank capacity 160L
Maximum lifting weight 10000(kg)
Scope of application Highways, Bridges, Buildings
Quality service 24-hour Online


  • Product Name: Used Truck Cranes
  • Condition: Good
  • Application: Highways, Bridges, Buildings, Mining
  • Experienced: Reliable Quality
  • Quality service: 24-hour Online


Product Display

Small XCMG Truck Cranes Are Of Good Quality And Affordable Price, Sourced From China 0Small XCMG Truck Cranes Are Of Good Quality And Affordable Price, Sourced From China 1


The main types of second-hand construction machinery we operate include: 5-50 ton second-hand truck cranes, 1-42 ton second-hand forklifts, dock cranes, 15-150 ton second-hand crawler cranes, zl10-50 loaders, 8-25 ton rollers, bulldozers, domestically imported excavators, and other second-hand construction machinery.
{1} Second hand forklifts: 1-42 ton diesel forklifts, container forklifts, clamp forklifts, stackers, 1-3 ton electric forklifts, brands include Hangzhou, TCM, Toyota, Komatsu, Linde, etc.
{2} Second hand loader: zl10-zl50 loader, brands include: Xiagong, Liugong, XCMG, Longgong, Komatsu, Kawasaki, Carter, etc.
{3} Used car crane: 8-50 ton car crane, brands include: XCMG, Puyuan, Yangtze River, Beiqi, Tai'an, Kato, and Doto.
{4} Second hand roller: 8-20 ton static pressure, vibration roller, brands include: XCMG, Luoyang, Shanghai, Changling, Xiagong, etc.

Support and Services:

Used Truck Cranes Technical Support and Service

At XYZ Equipment, we provide comprehensive technical support and service for all our Used Truck Cranes. Our experienced technicians and engineers are available to assist you with any issues you may have. We offer a range of services, including on-site inspections, repairs, and maintenance. In addition, we provide parts and accessories to ensure your Used Truck Cranes remain in optimal condition.

We understand that the purchase of Used Truck Cranes can be a big investment, so we make sure that our products are reliable and of the highest quality. We also offer warranties for all of our Used Truck Cranes, so you can rest assured that you are making a sound investment.

To learn more about our Used Truck Cranes technical support and service, please contact us today.


Packing and Shipping:

Used Truck Cranes are packaged and shipped in accordance with the following protocols:

  • All cranes are inspected for damage prior to shipment.
  • Cranes are secured to a pallet for transport.
  • The pallet is then shrink-wrapped for added protection.
  • The pallet is then placed in a weatherproof shipping container.
  • The container is sealed and prepared for shipment.
  • The shipment is tracked until it reaches its destination.


1.What is your payment method?
Answer: T/T 30% is used as a deposit, and 70% is paid before delivery. Before you pay the balance, we will show you photos of the product and packaging.

2. What are your delivery terms?
Answer: FOB , CIF

3.How about the delivery time?
Answer: Usually, it takes 7 days after receiving the advance payment. The specific delivery time depends on your order and quantity, and sometimes we have some inventory.

4.How to ensure the condition and lifespan of the machine?
Answer: We choose a machine with excellent condition and have professional technicians to inspect all parts of the machine on your behalf.

5.How can we obtain our after-sales service?
Answer: We can provide you with all the necessary parts for the machine and deliver them to you in a short time at a reasonable price.


6. How do customers conduct visits and inspections in China?
Answer: We are ready for your trip to China. If you purchase a machine from our company, you can fully reimburse the airfare cost (economy class only). If you are not familiar with Shanghai, you can contact us in advance and welcome you to China.


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